User agreement


These terms and conditions of delivering services (hereinafter - Agreement) are approved by the site administration (hereinafter - Administration) whose site locates in the Internet (hereinafter Service and Site) it is valid for all users of the Service (hereinafter Users).

The use of service means that the User fully agrees with this Terms and conditions of service delivering; in case of disagreement with these Terms the User must refrain from use of the Service.


1. Basic concepts

Service is the administration of a service, its representatives and services.

Advertiser is a person purchasing services of Service.

Webmaster is a person delivering broadcasted advertising services of Service.

User is a natural person using a Service site.

Visitor is a natural person using the Webmaster's site for his purposes.

Advertising space is an internet resource (site) with its own contents and an address.

Advertising site is an advertiser's internet resource which is directed by the click.

Advertising page is the special page of an advertising site where a user comes clicking the advertising material.

Content is an informational data of the site.

Advertising code is program code providing a show of advertising.

Traffic cheat is intentional or artificial (often by means of programs) increase of quantity of displays and/or clicks.

ID is the unique identifier of an advertising space in a Service database.


2. Subject of agreement

This agreement regulates relationship between the Webmasters, Service, and Advertisers. The webmaster places advertising code of the Service for Advertisers' advertising broadcast. The Advertiser, if an advertising page is shown to the User, pays established fee to Service. After fee withholding Service gives royalty to the Webmaster.


3. Rights and obligations of the parties

3.1 Service reserves the right to:

- collect personal information about the users in the framework of Policy of confidentiality of the provided information of the Service;

- suspend the service delivery or limit access to the Service to users violating terms and conditions of this agreement;

- maintain a register for violators of this agreement and make it available to third parties;

- block an account of a violator of this agreement without payment of the appropriate dues;

- claim the access to an independent site statistics system of the User of this Service;

- has the right to refuse explaining to User the reasons of an account blocking;

- has the right to refuse providing any information without competent authorities order;

- change or supplement this agreement without an advance notice to Users;

- audit used advertising materials on the Webmaster's sites;

- use its own resources for advertising materials production, using art and visual elements on the advertising advertiser's site;

- transmit its advertising materials, in accordance with general principles of executing promotional campaigns in the framework of the Service;

3.2 Service undertakes:

- provide the Users uninterrupted access to the Service site 24/7;

- to pay Webmasters contributions on time; according to the internal  regulation of Service;

- provide services on broadcasting Advertisers' adverts on the Internet sites of Webmasters and attracting visitors to Advertisers' sites;

- invoice the Advertiser for payment for using the Service;

- organize numerous activities to analyze the quality of traffic, search for dishonest Webmasters and block them;

- update and expand technical possibilities of the Service and its functionality;

- react to messages and notices of Users according to the internal regulation of Service;

3.3 Advertiser reserves the right to:

- demand a change of the personal manager (the reasonable application in written form is required);

- block undesirable sources of a traffic;

- provide advertising materials to Service for its transmission sites of Webmasters in the framework of promotional campaigns of Advertiser;

- exert control over use of advertising materials in the framework of his advertising campaign;

3.4 The advertiser undertakes:

- to keep contents of advertised material in accordance with requirements of Service;

- to fully and without delay pay the delivered services of Service in accordance with Service's statistics;

- not to use various technical means for deception of the Visitors:

substitution of links, content, hosting the malevolent software, etc.;

3.5 Webmaster reserves the right to:

- request a reception of earned funds in a pre-planned manner according to the internal regulation of Service;

- require the information about a rejection or blocking the traffic source;

- request a rehabilitation of the blocked traffic source;

-  unilaterally discontinue using the Service, informed the representative of Service in advance;

3.6 Webmaster undertakes:

- to keep contents of advertising place in accordance with requirements of Service;

- not to make any changes to advertising codes of Service;

- not to apply technical Service tools for traffic cheat, and also not to use a system of active advertising for traffic cheat;

- not to host on his advertising site any erotic or porn content, as well as adverts of erotic or porn content;

- not to distribute using his advertising site any malevolent software, as well as software, blocked by anti-virus programs or search systems;

- provide, for the time of collaboration,  a permanent access to statistics service with maximum detailing;

- not to support and encourage Users to click the adverts or do any other actions regarding to Service's advertising;

- to inform Service about all technical problems related to access to an advertising place;

- not to create more than 1 account in the system. If two linked accounts are found, Administration of Service reserves the right to block all copies without payment of the appropriate dues;


4. Responsibility of the parties

In a case of posting and using information by User, distributing of which is limited or prohibited by Federal Laws, that breaches copyright or any other rights, protected by law, User is fully responsible for hosting it.


5. Denial of a liability

5.1 The service does not bear responsibility for the non-coincidence of services expected by the User and actually received.

5.2 In all calculations with Users the Service reasons solely from its own statistics. The data of independent third-party services cannot be a matter of a dispute.

5.3 The service makes a basic test of all taken advertising sites if they meet the requirements of Service and do not have any threat for Users.Available verification means are used: anti-virus programs, open databases, manual check, etc. In spite of this, Service cannot guarantee a protection to the end User in case of illegitimate actions of Advertisers, i.e. every User personally bears responsibility for his safety.

5.4 Service is disengaged of the obligations specified in item 3.2 in the case of force majeure (natural disaster, military action, etc.).


6. Time and conditions of this Agreement

6.1 This agreement comes into effect since the moment of authorization by the User on the Site of Service and is effective during an indefinite period.

6.2 This agreement comes into effect since the moment of authorization by the User on the Site of Service and is effective during an indefinite period.


7. The procedure of funds recovery:

- stop the active campaign;

- fill out, sign, scan and provide an application form for funds recovery (the blank is given by your manager);
- For natural persons: provide a copy of passport (1 page and page with a registration), for legal entities: a copy of the contract, bill, certificate of registration;

- provide copies of documents confirming paying;

–send a screen shot of statistics and balance sheet from the registered e-mail from personal account.

7.1 The funds recovery for the advertiser is made to the same requisites, from which the payment was made;

7.2 The application for funds recovery is being accepted for 14 days since the campaign had been stopped;

7.3 The funds recovery takes 30 days since all documents had been provided;

7.4 If the campaign's activity had been interrupted because of the advertiser's fault, the fund recovery is not provided;

7.5 7.5 A test campaign includes a purchasing the complex set of services (traffic volume, creation of personal account, creation and setting of an advertising company) on providing the access to Service functions by Advertiser, the service is considered to be given in full amount since the payment had been transferred to the Advertiser's balance in the personal account.