Privacy policy

Policy of confidentiality of the provided information of the Internet–service
The use of service means that the User fully agrees with this Policy and conditions of processing of information, provided by him; in case of disagreement with these conditions the User must refrain from use of the Service.

1. Types of information provided by the Users.

1.1.The service receives from the Users the following information:

1.1.1.Data which the User specifies on his own during the registration as a client on the Service Site;

1.1.2.Data which are automatically transferred during view of the advertising blocks and during visiting pages, on which the statistics system script is installed ("pixel"):

  • IP address
  • Information from cookie
  • Information about the browser (or another program which implements access to advertising)
  • Access time
  • the address of a page with an advertising block
  • referer (the address of the previous page)

1.2.The Service administrator does not check in the general case veracity of information provided by the Users in accordance with point 1.1.1. of this Policy nor exercises control over their legal capacity.But the Service Administrator proceeds from the fact that the User provides reliable and sufficient information on issues proposed in registration forms and supports this information in relevant state.

1.3.You can refuse personal information collection, changed corresponding settings in your browser.

2. Purposes of collection and processing of information provided by the Users.

2.1.The service collects and stores only the information which is needed to provide the Service for the User. (implementations of the agreements and contracts with the User) 

2.2.The service uses information that it collects for the following purposes:

2.2.1.A User identification in the framework of agreements and contracts with the Service, provision personal services on the Service Site for the User;

2.2.2.Showing the User more relevant and interesting advertising, targeting advertising materials by geographical criteria, interests, and other parameters.

2.3.The user can change (update, complement) the information which is covered by item 1.1.1 of this Policy at any time.For it the User needs to be authorized on the Site and make necessary changes in his account.

2.4. Information covered by item 1.1.2. of this Policy is absolutely anonymous and used only to improve the quality of Services and in marketing purposes.The user can refuse the Service's collection of this information at any time, applying corresponding configurations of the browser which allows to refuse installation of cookie (perhaps the User will not be able to use all Service Site features because of this).
If the User does not refuse using cookie, the Service will send cookie when the User receives access to the Service Site.

3. Conditions of the processing and storage information provided by User, instances of its transfer to the third parties.

3.1.The service takes all reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect the information provided by the Users from illegal or accidental access, modification, destruction, blocking, copying, spreading, as well as other illegal actions of the third parties.

3.2.At the same time the Users understand and agree that the Service cannot provide guarantees of absolute protection of information provided by the Users and guarantees of absolute security of communication between the Users and Service. The user understands and agrees that information posted by him can be used by search or other automated services and other ways.

3.3.The user directly bears responsibility for keeping his login/password in a secret from the third parties and the timely password replacement or contacting the Service support service in case of a loss or leak of a password.

3.4.In respect of User's personal information confidentiality is maintained besides cases of provision of volunteered information by the User about himself for public access to unlimited number of persons. During processing of personal User data, the Administrator is guided by the Federal Law "On personal data".

3.5.The service has the right to transfer the information provided by the User to the third parties in the following cases:

3.5.1.The user expressed his agreement for such actions;

3.5.2.Transfer is required in the framework of using the Service by the User or to provide the service to the User;

3.5.3.Transfer is required by Russian or other applicable legislation in the framework of a legislation-established procedure;

3.5.4.Such transfer is made in the framework in terms of the sale or other transfer of business, if all obligations for observance of conditions of this Policy with respect to information received by the acquirer are transferred to the acquirer;

3.5.5.In order to have a possibility to protect rights and legitimate interests of the Service.

4. Policy change. Applicable legislation.

4.1.The service has the right to put changes into this Policy. The new version of Policy comes into effect since the moment of its placement if nothing else is provided by a new version of Policy.

4.2.The legislation of the Russian Federation is applicable to this Policy and all relations between the User and Service connected with an application of this Policy.