FAQFrequently asked questions

How to start working with uTarget?

To start working complete the simple registration procedure.

How often is the statistics updated?

Statistics is updated every five minutes.

How often are payments made?

Payments for the last week are made on Mondays. If for some reason you need to suspend the payments, you can do it in the section "payments".

What sites are allowed to the system?

Websites with traffic from 5000 users a day of any kinds except porno and websites spreading virus applications.

Can I get an early payment?

Yes, you can. To check the details, please describe to us requisites from the section "contacts".

Why could not you receive a payment?

First of all, make sure that you specified the purse, and also check if the payments were not suspended in the section "Payments". If the payments are active, contact the help desk to clarify the reasons.

How much will I earn?

The minimum redemption price of traffic is set in website settings. Also more quality traffic you have on your website, the higher tariff you get. The system automatically increases your rates in accordance with our advertisers’ sales growth.

What is the "Link for a traffic return"?

The link for a traffic return is your link where the user is redirected in case if he is not accepted for some reason by the system.

What is the "Code for a stopper"?

If the system does not purchase a user, it can show your code, instead of its advertising code, which you specify in the certain setting field.

How to change personal data?

For this please consult the support service by details from the section "Contacts"

How can I restore an access password?

For this please consult the support service by details from the section "Contacts"

How to download and install the code?

For correct functioning of the format, you need to add the code to the body of the site before the closing tag </body>