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Our achievements

Our achievements have no limits in significant strategic indicators, which determine our leadership in our unique sphere since we have started the advertising platform Utarget in 2010. We are proud that we managed to unite a strong team of professionals, strong in the knowledge that it is needed to escape a standard "retail" model and understanding a necessity of the deep integration with our partners. It consist not only a technical part, it is about the involving and understanding of a customer's business model of delivering services or goods.

We do not stop on any achievements, to reach goals every day — it is an inseparable part of our working process.

  • Long experience let us understand clearly the market needs and quickly find solutions. We introduce the technical solutions which become the normative later;
  • narrow focus of our efforts in certain directions and clear definition of our sphere keep us straight and give us an opportunity to deliver services of the highest standards;
  • a stellar reputation and trust relationship with our partners are expressed in deep technique integration. The market leaders trust us and we are creating the most sophisticated advertising algorithms.
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Reputation of a web resource directly depends on services and goods being advertised in it. Today reaching the user loyalty is one of the key factors of advertising space promotion and it is not possible without the relevant advertising offer during monetization. Utarget crew clearly understanding this publisher's need not only sets high quality standards of advertising materials and limits for questionable services and products, but always works on a high technological effectiveness of advertising platform for maximum conformity of an advertiser with requirements of a final consumer.

In partnership with Utarget you can be sure, that advertising of obvious fraudulent or some kind of misleading projects will not fatally damage the reputation of your site. We categorically do not work with such «advertisers»! Trust of our partners is our most valuable resource.

We are on the white side of the advertising and we do not need any «biscuits»

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If you need a marketing tool of the direct communication with target groups, we are ready to satisfy that need. We do not sell "advert" without a clear definition of that "advert", its goals, and needs. We know our audience and can create the exact targeting by clear selection of task groups and exclusive sources, we which we have been collaborating steadily for many years. Among interests of our audience:

Household appliances and consumer electronics
Financial services
Entertainment services
Food delivery
attract the audience


Household appliances and consumer electronics

Demography: mostly men — 59%, middle age 21-35 years
Behavior portrait: Keep up with the time and cannot be satisfied with just a little. Order novelties with delivery.
Coverage: 15 000 000 users a month

Financial services

Demography: mostly men — 86%, middle age 23-39 years
Behavior portrait: It reads business news of the country. Active in investment.
Coverage: 23 000 000 unique users a month


Demography: mostly women — 54%, middle age 19-27 years
Behavior portrait: Try to always be in the center of the most interesting events. Monitor all events on topic sites.
Coverage: 11 000 000 unique users a month

Food delivery

Demography: mostly men — 80%, middle age 25-30 years
Behavior portrait: At the peak of business activity they are always in motion. Order food in restaurants with delivery.
Coverage: 5 000 000 unique users a month.


Demography: mostly women — 75%, middle age 21-35 years
Behavior portrait: Интересуются последними новинками, посещают тематические ресурсы. Покупают одежду в интернет магазинах.
Coverage: 12 000 000 unique users a month.


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  • Webmasters relations manager



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